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The Truth About Blogging

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We have all seen the headlines, “Woman Quits Her Day Job and Now Makes Six-Figures Blogging.” The headline is very alluring and it feels like an excellent method for some people to either finally make their own money or for others to quit working for “the man.” However, if you want to learn more about the truth about blogging, then you have to read the articles very closely. Diving deeper into these articles, one would begin to realize these blogging truths:

1st Truth About Blogging – Bloggers are not overnight successes

Bloggers are not overnight successes! Most don’t see real profit until 3-5 years of steady blogging. It’s hard to work on something each day and not see a profit. Many bloggers turn away after just a few months due to the lack of profit being made from their blogs.

2nd Truth About Blogging – Blogging is harder than it seems

Blogging is not brainless nor effortless. It takes a ton of time and energy to make it. You have to have good and consistent content. A great name and a great design. You have to spend hours networking on blog support groups and on social media. Most importantly, bloggers have to make time to do all of this. Finding time for people who already have a busy schedule is the hardest part of all about blogging.

3rd Truth About Blogging – Blogging requires some investment

Although there are lots of free blogging tools, most people who are successful invest some money into their blog (domain name, hosting, themes, tools). I’m talking about an investment of around $100. No, we aren’t talking about a TON of money – but $100 is still a big deal. If you decide to make an investment, research the items you are purchasing to ensure they will give you exactly what you want.

4th Truth About Blogging – Blogging requires constant networking

Just like all other industries, networking in the blogging world is critical. You either need to research your butt off or find support groups willing to mentor others (often times this will cost money). Networking isn’t always fun. You will come across many bloggers who are very selfish and will take all the support they can get, but never give it in return. 

But…it’s not all bad…

I don’t want to discourage anybody, but realizing these blogging truths BEFORE you set your hopes and dreams on blogging success is very important. This is not a get rich fast scheme. This is the case of hard work and persistence paying off.

Now that you understand the difficulty of blogging, let me share with you the aspects of the blogging world that I love:

5th Truth About Blogging – Blogging is Fun

Blogging is fun! I love using my brain for a different type of work than my day job. I’m using skills such as: creative writing, marketing, sales, networking, social media management, and graphic design. These are not skills I use in Corporate America – however, they are great resume building skills.

6th Truth About Blogging – The Blogging community is amazing

In the past few months, I’ve met some amazing bloggers and vloggers. Once you get started, you will find a handful of special people who will actively support you and your dreams. I promise you, you will never find a support system as awesome as you will within the blogging community.

7th Truth About Blogging – Blogging is a great hobby

How many of you moms have heard your family complain that you don’t have a hobby?! Well, with blogging, I’ve established a hobby. Of course, I want my hobby to turn a profit, but the truth is, I wouldn’t be wasting my time on blogging if I didn’t actually enjoy it. Extra bonus: Mom is now “allowed” some solo time each week to write blog content.

8th Truth About Blogging – Blogging has helped me document my family’s life

Blogging has helped me to document my family’s life. All I have to do is look back through my Instagram account and I can see tons of happy moments. I can look at my travel blog,, and I can read through all of our happy vacations. This blog will document more of my adventures as a mom. I love it!

In Conclusion…

I have given you the challenges and the benefits of blogging, these are my blogging truths. With hope, you are still interested in moving forward. If you do decide to blog, look me up on social media and let me know that you’ve read this post. I’ll be sure to follow to see what you create!

Ever considered blogging? Here are some truths about the world of blogging.

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