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New School Introduction Book About “Me”

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When Sweetpea was only three years old, we had to switch preschools in the middle of the year. She was the new girl in school. To help introduce her to the new class, I designed an “introductory” picture book for the teacher to read during her first day.

To create the book, I used Walgreen’s online photo lab.  The online design tool was VERY SIMPLE to use; no craft skills needed. You upload pictures, select the look and feel of your book, select a theme (e.g. tropical, baby girl, etc.) and then you design.  Design is a strong word.  You are really just clicking and dragging things around.

My design was, again, simple.  I selected solid backgrounds.  The left page layout contained only photos and no text.  The right page layout contained only text. I kept it consistent throughout the book because I wanted it to read like a picture book and not a scrap book. The total price was $22, with an online coupon.  The quality is pretty decent as well…. let’s say it works in a pinch.  If you had more time and money, I’ve had wonderful results with Shutterfly books.  Note: If you use Walgreens, your book must contain at least 20 pages.  

These are not all the pages in the book, I just wanted to share a sample.  My goal was to engage the class while the teacher read the book.  When she read, “Do you like to swim?”, hands shot up in the air and Sweetpea no longer felt alone. At the end of the school day, all the kids were excitedly talking about the “new girl’s” book.

New school introduction book -
Do you like to swim?
New school introduction book -
Do you like to play in the snow?
New school introduction book -
Do you like to slide?

What have you done to help your kiddo feel more comfortable in a new school?

If your kid is starting a new school, consider creating a "me" book to help introduce them to the class. This book is easy and fun to make!

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